Products Finishing

Products Finishing (Cars)

Polishing tires solvent.
Spray glass cleaner.
Skin Cream.
Remove resin and tar.
Polishing Spray For Dashboards
De-icer Spray
Alcohol-based hygiene manufacturer.

Product compliant with the circular of the Ministry of Health DGPRE 0005443 of 22/02/2020 COVID 19
Product to produce indoor hygiene.
Detergent for cleaning carpets
Carpet cleaners medium foam
Cleaner for leather seats
Scented Cleaner for washig moquette with foam
Protective polish for plastics.
Perfumed polish for dashboards, plastic parts, vehicle models with WATER-REPELLENT action.
Protettivo Lucidante Per Plastiche in GEL
Polishing Rubber Spray
Polishing Rubber Spray
Polishing Rubber
Stain remover for seats.
Liquid shiny dashboards
Regenerating for dashboards
Shining liquid dashboards without silicone.
Polishing water-soluble to water for plastics and tyre
Polishing Spray For Dashboards
Foaming Cleaner Spray for Glass
Concentrated liquid product that produces hygiene
Universal detergent with high degreasing power.
Degreaser without alkali hydroxides. Moderate alkalinity.
For polishing Dashboards
Brightening for Tires
Concentrated Brightening for Tires .Super Transparency.
Concentrated brightening for tyres. Natural gloss.
Odor neutralizer.
A foam cleaner For glass
Liquid detergent for glasses.
Antistatic washer Scented
faoming glass cleaner with fast evaporation.
Perfumed Foaming Glass Cleaner antistatic effect.
Lavavetro antistatico profumato a rapida evaporazione.
Detergent to clean the car roofs with Tornador gun
Cleaner Tornado.
Universal low foaming alkaline detergent.
High alkalinity detergent 'and low foam for car interiors. Specifically for mineral oils.
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