Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance (Cars)

Washer detergent for wiper
Cleaner washer trays.
Cleaner washer trays.
Cleaner For Trays Tergi Superconcentrated to glacial climates
Antifreeze liquid to radiators.
Colorless inhibited antifreeze liquid for topping up the car radiator tank.
Concentrated for the production of perfumed antifreeze liquid for the vehicle windshield washer tank to be diluted in water. Innovative features.
Alcohol-based hygiene manufacturer.

Product compliant with the circular of the Ministry of Health DGPRE 0005443 of 22/02/2020 COVID 19
Detergent to keep the system brushes clean.
Handwashing pasta White For Mechanics
Surface protection.
Unlocking Professional
Glass washing detergent for trays wiper. gnats -20C °
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