Other detergent

Other detergent (Community)

Neutral liquid hand wash
Liquid rinse for dishwashers.
Active chlorine Alkaline detergent
Scale removal detergent.
Scented Detergent for hygiene
Universal liquid detergent.
Super-degreaser for hot plates, ovens and fryers.
Scented Cleaner for washig moquette with foam
Cleansing Manual For Dishes.
Highly scented detergent.
Stainless steel cleaner
Descaler Acid detergent for toilets
Concentrated detergent for hygiene
Degreaser without caustic alkali.
Sanitary, Tile and Fittings Cleaner
Liquid detergent for dishwashers
Liquid detergent for large glass surfaces.
High alkalinity detergent 'and low scented foam.
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